The Rethink Team named Major Innovators

Pushing boundaries, reaching further, searching for a gap and being able to fill it is the criteria Accenture uses to identify great innovators.


Rethink Education has three main platforms that have been considered incredibly innovative:

  1. Rethink Training
  2. Rethink Communication
  3. Rethink Education


Through rethinking the way you train, communicate and educate you are able to transform the way you work, live and you can even overturn industries.

With bite-sized chunks of content created by companies, staff can engage with learning material and interact with the content allowing staff to retain important information. Training managers have insight to in-app progress as well as the opportunity to set multiple-choice and true-false questions.

The communications tool has been highly sought after. The similarity to Whatsapp makes this tool easy to use but the privacy and boundaries function makes it our clients most sought after platform. The ability to communicate without displaying numbers and personal information, allows for boundaries to be placed between private and personal lives. Instant messaging has never been quicker and safer.

Finally, Rethink Education has been the solution for every high school learner when it comes to comprehending Maths and Science. Students have access to CAPs aligned material from grade 8 to grade 12. The interactive format and bite-sized chunks of information makes it easy to use and learner-friendly.


Single brilliant ideas have allowed companies to reset benchmarks, thanks to Rethink Education’s training platform and communications tool. Learners have revolutionized the way they study by learning on the thing they all carry around with them all the time- their phones.

The Rethink Team have put a lot of work into bringing training, communication and education to mobile phones nation-wide.

The team were incredibly humbled that their hard work was so well received by the Accenture panel. To be one of the three major innovators finalists reaffirmed the company’s determination and perseverance to provide the best platforms to the most forward thinking individuals.


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