Life after school: What you need to know and what you have not even thought of

If you know anything about Rethink Education, then you know how important we think Maths and Science is. Not only does it help you understand the world around you, it opens doors too!

We help you keep those maths and science marks up to scratch but what do you do with them once you leave school?

Life after school opens a whole can of worms: What to study, what is going on in the industry where you think you may like to study and let’s not even get started on funding.

The picture of sitting at your computer, wanting to find answers, but not knowing what to type into Google, speaks true for most learners. The amount of clutter out there makes the task seem terrifying. If only there was some place students could go to find out everything they need to know on one platform.

We have good news for you: There is.

Eduone is the platform for all things student.

They serve you in four ways: EduConnect, EduMatch, EduHealth and EduFunding.


When you near the end of your high school lifespan, everyone starts asking the question of what you have planned next. Before being able to answer that question, you need some idea of what you can expect after school. EduConnect provides you with an information platform where parents, students and teachers can find free information about everything to do with life after school. Here, you find everything that can guide you, from figuring out which subjects to choose to when application dates for universities are.


Once you are ready to discover which courses you are eligible for, EduMatch will guide you every step of the way. You input your results and fields of interest then EduMatch will return the courses and qualifications for which you will be eligible (within your chosen interest field). You will then be able to see more information on specific results. With EduMatch, it is so simple to see which degrees you can get into based on the marks you get.


If health is your field of interest, they have a free information portal at your disposal. Find out everything on internship and community service placements, the latest news and industry information, as well as access to health related products and service directories. Everything from audiology to speech therapy as well as nursing and dietetics- they have you covered with the best information out there.


When you are secure about what your field of interest is, funding often jumps out as the biggest issue. EduFunding is your bursary and scholarship platform where you can apply for and find funding. Their funding platform stretches beyond the reach of high-school students. Both university students and parents can benefit from this platform- everything you need to know is at the click of a button. corporate can benefit from this platform too.

EduOne take over from where we leave you. After your great results, they help you take the next step into your best future possible

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