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The Rethink Team named Major Innovators

Pushing boundaries, reaching further, searching for a gap and being able to fill it is the criteria Accenture uses to identify great innovators. Rethink Education has three main platforms that...

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Life after school: What you need to know and what you have not even thought of

If you know anything about Rethink Education, then you know how important we think Maths and Science is. Not only does it help you understand the world around you, it opens doors too! We help you...

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Mandela Day

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” The inspiring words; of South Africa’s former president, Nelson Mandela, was the motivator for our Mandela Day...

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Interesting careers in the entertainment industry that require maths and science

Surprisingly, Maths and Science are needed in a large spectrum of business fields outside the obvious careers such as astrophysicists and working in laboratories. Having the abilities that these...

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Study techniques to get you out of your study rut

Are you getting tired of staring at your bland revision notes? Have you read the same paragraph five times but still can’t seem to remember it? Here are three simple study techniques to liven up...

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