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Our Must do Mission

We’re building online platforms that deliver education faster and more efficiently than ever.

We’re exploiting falling costs that will put a smartphone in every learner’s hand.

We use the same web and mobile technologies students enjoy every day.

We’re dedicated to giving everyone access to education, anywhere, all the time.

Mobile Training

Smart, cost efficient mobile training solutions

Authoring Tool

Create, edit and update your own content that can be delivered to your user at the click of a button.

Personalised Learning Platform

A fully branded platform that allows you to deliver your content to users anytime, anywhere.

Trainer Dashboard

Track user advancement through your training courses and gain insight into specific user engagement.

We turned chat into education

Rethink Education's digital education platform uses students preferred communication medium - mobile chat - to deliver short, interactive lessons that are fun and effective

Mobile learning

Author and deliver your own content on a branded platform.

Maths and Science App

Access the full South African Maths and Science curriculum on your mobile phone:

Partner Learning Platforms

Brand our existing learning platforms with your own design. See one of our current partenrs below:

Trainer dashboards

Our platforms have powerful administration and analytical tools for teachers and facilitators, take a look here:

M-learning training

We provide training on successful implementations on m-learning.

Content Mangement System

All of our learning apps have a fully customisable Content Management System where you can add/delete/edit your mobile courses.

Data Analysis

All our platforms come with powerful analytical tools and dashboards which provide insight into user behaviour and progress

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How to get involved

Students Schools Corporate
Grade 8 – 12 Maths and Science on your phone

Purchase access to Rethink Education’s mobile maths and science platform by clicking on the red student login button in the top right hand corner of your browser.



  • Access the full CAPS Maths and Science curriculum on your mobile device.
  • Learn anywhere, anytime.
  • All of our content is cloud based.
  • The platform is extremely data light and uses under 100KB per chapter.
Provide access to our learning platform to your school

Contact us to find out about our schools site licenses. You can purchase bulk licenses to distribute to your learners. All school licenses come with training and teacher software that allows teachers to track student progress on the platform.


  • Tried and tested and easily scaleable platform.
  • Suited to all smart phones currently available.
  • No integration needed.
  • Progress dashboards which display students’ advancement through the different modules and addresses the need for impact metrics.
  • Enjoy continuous development in a fast, moving environment under pinned by a team of talented developers.
Build your own mobile training system

A customised, branded training application for your organisation.


  • Fully branded platform with your corporate design.
  • Suits all smartphones currently available.
  • Comes with analytical tools and a dashboard showing course progress and user engagement.
  • Reduces cost of training and development spend.
  • Allows management full visibility and proof of employee training offered.




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Dean Street Arcade, Dean Street
Newlands, Cape Town
South Africa, 7700

Phone: +27 (0) 21 300 1867


+ Where is Rethink Education Available?
  • You can currently access Rethink Education from our Website via the student login button
  • Or go to on your mobile phone or computer.
+ How much does it cost?
  • A number of corporate firms have sponsored user licenses. You will only be asked to pay for the application if there are no more sponsored licenses left.
+ Does the app work on any phone?
  • Yes, most phones. The application is compatible with IOS and Android. We are working to get this up and running on Blackberry Phones.
+ What content does the application cover?
  • The application currently has 10 textbooks worth of Maths and Science content. All of the content is CAPS aligned
  • Our content is improving and expanding all the time.
+ How do I pay?

Pay via the online web portal.

  • Access the Rethink Education website.
  • Click on student login
  • Create an account
  • Pay via our online payment gateway
  • Or request a bursary which will mean that you don’t have to pay at all.

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